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Diagnostic Pet Services

Sometimes a physical examination is not enough to provide us with the answers that we need to explain your pet's symptoms. For pets that are in a crisis, having immediate access to the test results saves valuable time in deciding the best treatment for our patients.

Our diagnostic services include:

Internal Lab Work

From our very own clinic we are able to test for parasites, infections, anemia, liver or kidney disease, skin disease, and thyroid malfunctions as well as blood work and urinalysis testing.


X-rays are routine diagnostic tools that are especially valuable for revealing chest, abdomen, bones and dental structures. We use the latest digital radiology and routinely have are films evaluated by board certified radiologists.


Ultrasounds are an especially valuable diagnostic tool that allows us to see below the surface and into soft tissue. This enhanced visibility allows us to diagnose tumors, abnormal anatomy, and inflammatory conditions in a non-invasive manner.

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